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Drop by The Carnegie Gallery in Dundas for a Saturday morning of still life drawing with artists, on Novemeber 8th.  All ages are welcome.  It will be a casual activity as part of the Arts Dundas Weekend and Alana will be there guiding some of the action.


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MAKE IT has happily relocated to HAMILTON Ontario!  This means Alana can come to you with loads of enthusiasm, creative project ideas and unique opportunities, or you can reserve a special MAKE IT @ Home Studio visit.  Arrange for your Art Day, workshop, or project. 

Guaranteed good times for all.

How do you MAKE IT?

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MAKE IT is about positively connecting with the unlimited possibilities of creativity, embracing the challenge and pleasure of self-expression.  It’s about building an understanding of what’s involved in turning an idea into something tangible, learning the process of creative problem-solving and finding your unique voice, while developing skills, abilities and techniques.

  Action paintingLogan's mask (age 6)The Group Mandalasummer camp workshop*Special Request Workshop* for adultsact it out










This process and its results provide enjoyment, increased confidence and stress-relief.  Children, teens and adults of all abilities find their way to MAKE IT, for fun and education, improved self-awareness and mood, even recovery and healing.  MAKE IT Creative Arts Experiences can occur in a variety of situations, including hospital waiting areas or patients’ rooms, classrooms, conservation areas, or church basements.  Parents/Guardians have arranged sessions as gifts for their children; as an adjunct to other treatments for emotional or physical difficulties, (ranging from coping with daily struggles, to aiding in recovering from trauma), or as a way to expand art education and creative opportunity.  Teens have used the workshops to have fun with friends, (or make new ones), hone their skills and build their portfolios.  Adults have used the sessions for unique experiences with friends or family; exploring personal life challenges in a non-judgmental, non-clinical context; relaxation and play; or simply a chance to create within a new set of circumstances.